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Mont Saint Michel remains a mythical and fascinating place. Its silhouette is world renowned but its history remains misterious to many people.. Maybe it's time to learn more about this strange monument standind in the middle of the sands, which origin dates from the 8th. This magical mountain contains plenty of stories that join the Great History. Do you want to learn more about it? I'll meet you at the feet of the Mount near the tourist office, so I can tell you the rest of the story...


All aboard! Saint Malo inspires lovers of pirate tales, sorry, of privateers tales...Do you want to know the difference? Follow me and I will tell you the exploits of Robert Surcouf and Jacques Cartier, the most famous sailors of Saint Malo.

2h: 190 euros


To explore Dinan is a real immersion into Middle Ages. The city has saved a lot of half timbered houses , with their upper storeys projected over the street.  The medieval town is overlooking the Rance river, to which it is linked by the Jerzual street, a typical medieval street, very steep. Change of scene guaranteed!

2h: 190 euros

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